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Spirit Jersey® Trademark Information

"Spirit Jersey®" and "Spirit Football Jersey®" are registered trademarks of SPIRIT CLOTHING COMPANY, INC. / SPIRIT ACTIVEWEAR and cannot be used in the sale or marketing of non "Spirit Jersey®" or "Spirit Football Jersey®" brand products. This includes usage in product Names, Descriptions, Tags, and Advertising.

SPIRIT CLOTHING COMPANY does not grant permission to use or modify "Spirit Jersey®" or "Spirit Football Jersey®" trademarks, logos, images, advertising or similar materials without prior authorization or where "fair use" laws apply.

Please contact your SPIRIT ACTIVEWEAR or SPIRIT JERSEY® representative to request authorization to use "Spirit Jersey®" or "Spirit Football Jersey®" trademarks, logos, images, and advertising and other creative assets or use this contact form.

Authentic "Spirit Jersey®" and "Spirit Football Jersey®" products can be purchased from:



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