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See You in Japan! – Spirit Jersey® Around Tokyo

By Spirit | January 19, 2018
From classic brands like Levi's, Guess, and J.Crew to street style staples like Vans, Stussy, and Supreme; American fashion has been making its mark in on Japanese culture for the last half-century. Spirit Jersey® has always been popular overseas, especially in locations close to warm beaches and vacation destinations. However, in the past few years, our increased
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How to Style: Disney Spirit Jersey® – Disney Style Blog Featuring Jonna Walsh

By Spirit | September 7, 2017

The secret is out by now and everyone knows that we collaborated with Disney to make some exclusive Spirit Jerseys for the parks, resorts, and The Disney Style blog recently put together a cute video showcasing 5 different looks that you can easily throw together that take advantage of the over-sized Spirit Jersey silhouette

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The “Fire” Spirit Jersey® at Jennifer USA featuring Danielle Fishel

By Spirit | August 9, 2017

Bobby Kim, AKA Bobby Hundreds, the Co-founder of The Hundreds, recently launched a clothing brand for women called Jennifer USA. Being fans of The Hundreds, we were very excited when Jennifer USA connected with us to play a part in developing some of their launch styles. Located just a few blocks from Spirit Jersey® Brand HQ,

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Pro Era Records Camo Spirit Jersey® at Urban Outfitters

By Spirit | August 8, 2017

We recently collaborated with Pro Era records to develop an exclusive style for Urban Outfitters stores and online at PRO ERA is an American hip hop based collective originating from Brooklyn, NY. The group was founded and named by Capital STEEZ in 2011. Inspired by the “Progressive Era” time period in the 1900’s, the

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Disney x Spirit Jersey® Collab: Authentic Disneyland Spirit Jersey® News

By Spirit | June 19, 2017

Update: Disney Spirit Jerseys can now be purchased at Spirit Jersey® has a collaboration with Disney Parks in the Disney Land Resort & Walt Disney World. Check out some of the social media buzz below. EDIT: The Shop Disney Parks app shows a picture of a Disneyland jersey but when you add it to

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