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The “Fire” Spirit Jersey® at Jennifer USA featuring Danielle Fishel

By Spirit | August 9, 2017

Bobby Kim, AKA Bobby Hundreds, the Co-founder of The Hundreds, recently launched a clothing brand for women called Jennifer USA. Being fans of The Hundreds, we were very excited when Jennifer USA connected with us to play a part in developing some of their launch styles.

Located just a few blocks from Spirit Jersey® Brand HQ, Bobby Kim and the Hundreds are seen as central to the movement and style that is often referred to as “Streetwear”. Locking down exactly what streetwear is can be difficult because it’s a definition that means different things to different groups of people. There’s a great article on The Hundreds blog on the topic.

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Bobby’s reason for starting Jennifer USA runs deeper than simply capitalizing on the women’s apparel market. It all comes down to one question:

“How come it’s okay – trendy, even – for girls to covet their guy’s clothes, but not the other way around? Isn’t it time for a women’s label that men beg for?

I was interested in making a statement in women’s apparel. We began post-election with our signature “Girlfriend Hoodie,” a response to a boyfriend’s jean. This oversized sweatshirt can be worn by a guy, but is tailored for a woman. Next, we introduced our custom T-shirt. It’s boxy, uniquely 14 single, feels like your favorite vintage ‘80s tee while being brand new at the same time. Our latest offering is the Daughter Hat (vs. the Dad Hat). Piece by piece, I built The Hundreds from graphic T-shirts to denim to a global streetwear brand. I’m looking to tell a similar story here – one that unfolds and evolves with time.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Bobby & the team are able to bring to the table and we’re humbled to be able to be a part of the process.


Jennifer USA | The Hundreds