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Q2HAN Spirit Jersey®: Street Style Lookbook 2017

By Spirit | May 29, 2017

From bucket hats, ruffled blouses, and a color block denim skirt, the self-described “Double Trouble DIY Enthusiasts” will teach you in simple steps how to sew it all together. The girls behind Q2HAN, based in Seoul Korea, will make you run to your closet in search of the perfect upcycle piece. As if this were not enough, their fashion style is also super on point, fun and chic.

We always love to see how different people use our Spirit Jerseys bring a look to life so we were very exited when the sisters decided to show us what they’ve got.


You are Q2HAN on the web, but what are your names? 

Our names are Qjin & Qwon

How did you start getting into fashion? 

We got into fashion when we started taking sewing classes as one of our elective courses during high school in Vancouver, Canada. Our first project was making a boxer shorts and we both received a perfect score which boosted our confidence and ever since then, we got hooked! But what largely influenced us to get into fashion were magazines. We had a huge public library near our place and every day after school, we would go and read a bunch of various fashion magazines. We were so interested in how models and celebrities would dress  and it inspired us to experiment with our styles as well.

When did you start making videos? and what inspired you to?

At first, we started our YouTube channel simply as a hobby. After finishing our fashion design major at FIDM in LA, we had difficult times finding our future path. By that time, we found YouTube as a great platform to showcase our talents in creating garments and sharing our personal style. Growing up, Michelle Phan has always been an inspiration to us.

Your DIY’s are amazing, at what age did you learn to sew? 

Thank you! We learned sewing since the freshman year of high school in Vancouver, Canada.

How would you describe your style? *answer individually*

Qjin: street style and fun

Qwon: kitsch and chic

What is your go-to style? *answer individually*

Qjin: a simple jersey with jeans and a statement shoes or bags

Qwon: a simple shirt with jeans and a statement earrings

Getting dropped off at the nearest island, what 5 items do you bring with you?

We’ll bring water, suncream, bread (lol), torch, and a tent.

What is your favorite thing about Spirit Jersey®?

Love the vibrant colors and patterns with various lettering styles! On top of that, it’s super comfy! You just instantly look, hipster, when you wear Spirit Jersey®!

A piece of advice for a fashion-clueless person?

Be confident! We believe that the best way to find your own style is by starting with wearing confidence. You’ll eventually know what style you’ll feel most confident and find which ones work for you the best!

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